Danish tape amateurs 1959-1976

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Danske Båndamatører 1959-1976. LP. Nyt eksemplar.


Institute for Danish Sound Archeology / Institut for Dansk Lydarkæologi, IDL 05

This release presents a selection of sound experiments made by Danish tape amateurs during the period of 1959-1976. The pieces included on the record are all contributions, which have been submitted to Danish tape amateur contests, but none of the works have been released before.

The compilation reveals a fragment of a previously overlooked and forgotten piece of Danish sound- and music history, where people experimented with the tape recorder in their spare time, creating sound collages and electronic music.

The release includes a 12-page booklet with photos and an extensive essay by Danish composer Jonas Olesen.

»Nothing short of a sonic and creative marvel which pulls the rug from beneath nearly every standard narrative of 20th century avant-garde music. We can’t recommend it enough. As essential as they come.«
– Sound Ohm

»These marvellous experiments and adventurous explorations into sound were created utilising liberating, emerging domestically available technologies. The whole thing plays out like something that could have been a fantasy inclusion on the famed Nurse With Wound List. The label have done a fantastic job in preserving these works for posterity and indeed presented them to a whole new generation.«
– Norman Records

Danish tape amateurs 1959-1976