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    John Cage’s Variations VII. Performed at 9 Evenings: Theatre & Engineering, 69th Regiment Armory, New York City, October 15 and 16, 1966. Sound sources: AM-FM Short Wave Radio, Geiger counter, sine wave generators, horn loudspeakers, contact microphones attached to houshold fans and kitchen appliances, open telephone lines in various locations…

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    The piece 4’33” premiered on August 29, 1952; four minutes, thirty-three seconds of performed, charged silence. Elegantly, provocatively, the piece asked: what does silence sound like? Cage’s questions about the nature of silence and sound continue to reverberate decades later; this volume-the most comprehensive on the piece to date-brings together…

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    John Duncan from the Critical Ear Series, Vol. 3. Errant Bodies Press, 2006. Large 8vo in wraps as issued. Unpaginated, around 90 pages, text in English. COMPLETE with CD. Fine copy With contributions by Mike Kelley and Paul McCarthy among others

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    “The definitive biography of Sun Ra, a.k.a. Herman Poole “Sonny” Blount (1914-1993), a composer, keyboardist, bandleader, philosopher, poet, and self-claimed extraterrestrial from Saturn. As the leader of the “Intergalactic Arkestra,” a band of more than 30 musicians, he was unparalleled for his purposeful outlandishness and exerted a powerful influence over a vast array of artists. Considered by many to be the founding figure of Afrofuturism, he composed a musical philosophy that extends beyond the international to the interplanetary. Space Is The Place reveals the life, philosophy, and musical growth of one of the 20th century’s greatest and most outrageous avant-garde musicians”

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    In early 1974 Joseph Beuys, Klaus Staeck and Gerhard Steidl sat in a Boeing 747 from New York to Düsseldorf, returning home after Beuys’ American tour. The trip had been a controversial success, and its every stage carefully documented by Staeck and Steidl in videos, photographs and audio their trusty Sony TC-50 cassette recorder was always at Beuys’ side during his lectures, conferences and workshops. To relieve the boredom of the flight, the three listened to some of the recordings and Beuys surprisedly noticed just how much he laughed: why not edit this laughter into a single, surreal track?  Steidl subsequently gave the original tapes to the young sound engineer Siegfried Schäfer, who set to work reducing bass and background noise, and created a final edit of 20 minutes.

    Steidl played this master to a delighted Beuys, who decided to issue it as an audiotape edition, in the mold of his 1969 recording Joseph Beuys – Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee. Yet the master tape of Beuys Laughing was then sadly lost for a period of 46 years, only to resurface in 2020. Now, re-mastered and digitized by Schäfer and Pauler Acoustics, it is finally available to the public, in a limited-edition vinyl EP.

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    Gyldendal, 2012. 140 pp. Hft. Ny eksemplar.

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    Cambridge University Press, paperback, 2000. XV, 390 pages. A bit dog eared and light edgewear, but no markings and overall a very good copy. 1. ed. From the Music in the Twentieth Century series.

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    The Institute for Danish Sound Archaeology  IDL, 2019. 7 inch single vinyl record Le Petit Duc [The Little Scops Owl] is a sound work by Danish artist Knud Viktor, made between 1978 and 1983. Viktor was classically trained as a painter at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in…

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    The lost masterpiece Les Éphémères by the self labeled ‘sound painter’ Knud Viktor (1924-2013) now sees its first ever release by Institute for Danish Sound Archaeology – 40 years after it was conceived. Viktor’s pioneering work – his Images Sonores – are composed of field recordings of insects, animals and his surroundings. His only earlier releases, the much sought-after Images and Ambiances from 1972, were re-issued by Institute for Danish Sound Archaeology in 2017 to great critical acclaim

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    Edited by Roselee Goldberg. LAURIE ANDERSON. Harry N. Abrams, Inc, New York, 2000. Oblong 4to hardcover with jacket. 204 pages with 323 illustrations of which 117 plates are in color. Corners of cover front a bit dented (see photo) else a tight very good copy First edition

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    “All The Things I Lost in the Flood – Essays on Picture, Language and Code”. New York; Rizzoli Electa, 2018. Squarish 8vo in wraps as issued. 319 pages, illustrated. New copy, unopened First edition, the first book on the artist’s full career to date, as curated by the artist herself:…

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    New York: Harper & Row, 1984. Laminated paperback, oblong large 8vo [21,5×28 cm]. 231 pages. Richly illustrated. A name overwritten to innercover and some edgewear. An acceptable copy, clean inside and solid First edition, paperback