Pia Arke — “My Mother Told Me” (SAS Greenland Polar Class 1989)

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Pia Arke for SAS. Original kunstmappe med 6 reproduktioner af malerier – komplet med informationsark (menukort til SAS, Greenland Polar Class 1989).
Copenhagen: Interprint / Scanlith Repro – Trykt for SAS (S.A.S. Scandinavia Airlines), (1989). 4to. 7 løse ark i original mappe. En anelse solfarvning i kant af mappen, eller et rent og ubrugt sæt, indvendig og alle tavler som ny. Sjælden.
Very rare original folder made for Scandinavia Airlines with fine color reproductions of the acrylic paintings, app. size 25 x 32 cm. Complete. Folder with only some very light discoloring to lower edge, all the plates are clean and practically as new. – In 1988 Pia Arke was commissioned to illustrate menu cards for Scandinavian Airlines Greenlandic Polar Class. Arke produced My Mother Told Me, which is a series of six painted images that blur the relationship between lived and inherited memories of a place called home, and the imaginary of that place within a wider culture. Pia Arke’s mother was one of the first settlers within the Greenlandic community on Scoresbysund/Ittoqqortoormiit, which was a town colonised by 21 Danish people in 1924, in an attempt to gain territorial control over North-East Greenland. Over the course of her career, Arke’s work repeatedly engaged with this history of contact and settlement, as it impacted individual families as well as the environment, in a place she once described as the “somewhere” in the “middle of nowhere”. “I make the history of colonialism part of my own history in the only way I know, namely by taking it personally.” Pia Arke (née Gant) (1958–2007) was a Kalaaleq (Greenlandic Inuit) and Danish visual and performance artist, writer and photographer. She is remembered for her self-portraits and landscape photographs of Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland), as well as for her paintings, writings which strove to make visible the colonial histories and complex ethnic and cultural relations between Denmark and Greenland. Throughout her artistic-research practice, the artist used the metaphor of her own mixed-heritage (the “mongrel”) as an opportunity to engage these historical relationships, as well as address significant questions of Arctic Indigenous identity and representation.

Pia Arke — "My Mother Told Me" (SAS Greenland Polar Class 1989)