Knud V. Engelhardt — Arkitekt & Bogtrykker

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The classic finely printed, richly illustrated monograph on the Danish graphic design pioneer Knud Valdemar Engelhardt (1882–1931) “Denmark’s first industrial designer. Influenced by the architect Thorvald Bindesbøll, Engelhardt understood that successful production depended on both an industrial and a graphical approach. The font he developed for Gentofte’s road signs is sensitive and personal but also eminently readable. From 1908 to 1910, he designed electric trams for Copenhagen with intricate detail. The vehicles were functional and cleanable in all weathers, and were well manufactured. Although Engelhardt was an architect, he also exerted a considerable influence on the development of Danish billboards and graphic design traditions. More than anyone else, Engelhardt paved the way for a Danish approach to design and industrial production


Af Erik Ellegaard Frederiksen: “Knud V. Engelhardt. Arkitekt & Bogtrykker 1882-1931”. Copenhagen: Arkitektens Forlag, 1965. 4°. Original heftet omslag. 127 sider. 1. oplag / First edition

“Knud V. Engelhardt (1882-1931) was a Danish architect, printer and designer. He worked on kilometer stones, type for trams, street signs, and is well known in type circles for a slab-serif alphabet made for the city of Copenhagen with heavy wide capitals. Engelhardt’s design was loosely based on the lettering of two Danish architects of the time: Thorvald Bindesbøll (designer of the Carlsberg logo) and Anton Rosen. The signs were so successful that they are still in use today”

Knud V. Engelhardt — Arkitekt & Bogtrykker