Susanne Ussing

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Susanne Ussing. Arbejder mellem 1957-1987. Beskrivelse af en proces / Works between 1957-1987. Description of a Process. With large poster

Published by Ussing og Hoff 1987. 4to. 112 pp. Heftet med omslag. Rigt illustreret. Cleaan well preserved copy with only minor edgewear to cover. Enclosed a large folded poster from Den Frie exhibition of her works depicting one of her works from the Thy Camp / Froestrup 1970

1. oplag / First edition

“Susanne Ussing was a pioneer of her age, open to the currents surrounding her, yet highly independent. Her life’s work includes a wide range of media, materials and artistic modes of expression characterised by a rare curiosity, poetical sensibility and desire to explore materiality. Her works range from ceramics, sculpture and installation, to collages, drawings and architecture, often of a highly experimental and visionary nature. Susanne Ussing was not limited by conventions and boundaries, like those between visual art and social design, or social housing and public art commissions. She was also not afraid to embark on projects that were not seen as politically correct at the time, like her window designs at the fashion store Nørgaard, which did not fit the contemporary women’s movement’s view of the fashion industry as male dominated and oppressive of women. But for Susanne Ussing something very different was at stake: Art, architecture and how they could be integrated in society and generate meaning.”

Susanne Ussing