Pier Paolo Pasolini — Fotografie di Dino Pedriali

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From today’s perspective, Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922 – 1975) comes across as one of the most productive and exhilarating talents in twentieth-century art. He continues to be both an inspiring and provocative figure not only for his wide-ranging virtuosity as a linguist, writer, journalist, and film-maker but also on account of the themes that he addressed. In modern-day Europe with all its levelling processes, regulations, and a hypocrisy protected by the code of political correctness, the loss of his voice is keenly felt. Pasolini never simply glorified the ancient ways of isolated regions and decried progress; rather, by adopting both extremes, he created an all-embracing poetics of experimental thinking. Hans Ulrich Reck’s book shows the relevance of his work today: that Pasolini was proved bitterly right in so many things is an expression of his far-sightedness”


Roma: Published by Editrice Magma, 1975. 4to in stiff wraps as issued. 189 pages, illustrated throughout, finely printed. Cover edgeworn (see photos) else very good and clean and well preserved copy of this particularly sought after and difficult to find book

This volume collects images dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini from the shoot that Dino Pedriali took in the second week of October 1975. Pedriali was called upon by Pasolini himself to carry out a photo shoot between his two houses in Chia and Sabaudia, images that, according to the photographer, Pasolini wanted to include in his last novel, which came out posthumously: Petrolio. Pedriali was supposed to see Pasolini again to show him the photographs on 2 November 1975, the day the poet’s body was found at Lido di Ostia. As in a film, the images guide us with poignant intensity through the life of the eclectic intellectual, in his moments of work and leisure – as he wrote, corrected, drew -, in his wanderings through the streets, in his medieval buen retiro, until we enter the intimacy of his room, where Pasolini is photographed naked from outside the house, in a game of studied surprise and unawareness, an agreement between photographer and photographed so that the shots would seem ‘stolen’. An unprecedented journey through stills that become with this volume a public and shared heritage, the ultimate testimony of Pasolini’s legacy and Dino Pedriali’s artistic value, a continuous reference to the poetics and imagery of Pasolini’s films

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Pier Paolo Pasolini — Fotografie di Dino Pedriali