Lucy R. Lippard — Six Years: The Dematerialization of The Art Object

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– “an invaluable record of the thinking of the artists—a historical survey and essential reference book for the period”. “Lucy R. Lippard’s famous book, itself resembling an exhibition: In 1973 the critic and curator Lucy R. Lippard published Six Years, a book with possibly the longest subtitle in the bibliography of art: The dematerialization of the art object from 1966 to 1972: a cross-reference book of information on some esthetic boundaries: consisting of a bibliography into which are inserted a fragmented text, art works, documents, interviews, and symposia, arranged chronologically and focused on so-called conceptual or information or idea art with mentions of such vaguely designated areas as minimal, anti-form, systems, earth, or process art, occurring now in the Americas, Europe, England, Australia, and Asia (with occasional political overtones) edited and annotated by Lucy R. Lippard. “Six Years”, sometimes referred to as a conceptual art object itself, not only described and embodied the new type of art-making that Lippard was intent on identifying and cataloging, it also exemplified a new way of criticizing and curating art.”


Berkeley Los Angeles: University of California Press Paperback, 2001 (1973). 8vo in softcover (18,5 x 22 cm) as issued. 272 pages. Illustrated. Fine clean copy

The classic book on Conceptual Art – including texts by and taped discussions among and with the artists involved

Lucy R. Lippard — Six Years: The Dematerialization of The Art Object