Henning Christiansen & Hans-Jørgen Nielsen — INFORMATIONS

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“it’s clear/it’s simple/it’s elementary/it’s anonymous/it’s conscious/it’s controllable/it’s mechanical/it’s not expressive/it’s not vitalized/it’s not entertainment/it’s without dramatic organization/it’s without com-plexity/it’s what it is/it’s music to hear/it’s textures to look at/it’s informatory”


INFORMATIONS. Textures Hans Jørgen Nielsen. Music: Henning Christiansen (Panel 13, 1). MED DEDIKATION fra Hans-Jørgen Nielsen. Edition Panel, 1965. Square small 12mo (12 x 12 cm). (16) pp inklusiv omslag. Samlet med hæfteklammer som udgivet. Omslag og kanter lidt plettet. Håndskrevet dedikation fra Hans-Jørgen Nielsen (til “Niels” ) på titelblad, datered 1965

1. oplag. / Extremely rare artist book by Henning Christiansen (musical score) and Hans-Joergen Nielsen. Danish FLUXUS / Concrete Poetry piece – Inscribed by Hans-Joergen Nielsen (to “Niels”)

Henning Christiansen & Hans-Jørgen Nielsen — INFORMATIONS