Buckminster R. Fuller — Nine Chains to the Moon

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First published in 1938, this collection of essays sets out some of foundational ideas of 20th-century technology innovator R. Buckminster Fuller, an early pioneer in sustainable design. Written in plain language with a sense of humor, the book outlines his concerns about sustainability, presents his utopian vision of future prosperity driven by technological progress, and reveals his leanings toward poetry and philosophy. This edition contains a brief foreword and two essays on his ideas, plus b&w historical photos of Fuller and some of his inventions


“Nine Chains to the Moon: An Adventure Story of Thought”.

Birkhäuser Basel – Bauwelt Fundamente, 2019 (1938). 8vo in stiff wraps with blue edges as issued. 395 pages. New copy


Buckminster R. Fuller — Nine Chains to the Moon