BALTHUS — Aufgehobene Zeit 1932-1960

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“Classic critical study of the life and work of the French artist Balthus51 Color Plates, 151 black and white illustrations, includes a chronology, a list of exhibitions, and a bibliography. The catalogue, written by Sabine Rewald, a specialist in the artist’s work, is a major contribution to the study of Balthus. The author presents new biographical information about this reclusive artist, and her astute assessment of the works that influenced hime gives the reader a new sense of the richness and ambiguity of Balthus’s world”.


BALTHUS (Balthasar Klossowski de Rola, 1908 – 2001). – Sabine Rewald & Virginie Monnier (ed.):. Balthus – Aufgehobene Zeit: Gemälde und Zeichnungen 1932-1960. Munich: Schirmer and Mosel, 2007. Large oversized hardcover w jacket. 160 pages. Richly illustrated, mainly in color. Text in German. Fine clean copy

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BALTHUS — Aufgehobene Zeit 1932-1960