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    Forlaget L og R, 1993. Original hardcover i lyseblåt kartonbind, med smudsomslag. 170 pp. Fint eksemplar Første danske udgave, hardcover og trykt på godt papir

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    A counterpart to Joseph Brodsky’s WATERMARK : “Noted intellectual Regis Debray evokes a vivid picture for us in hyperbolic, tongue-in-cheek prose of a cultural amusement park, a kind of Euro-Disney for snobs. In this ostentatious sanctuary of the Beautiful, the Artificial, and the Picturesque, the tired senior exec or stockbroker feels rejuvenated, transfigured by the glow of Art; the Tourist, caught up in the festive unreality of the city’s “ongoing fancy dress ball,” feels free on the very spot where the native inhabitant feels imprisoned. Venice only plays the city and we play at discovering it. And, as the introduction points out, it is not finally Venice itself, but rather this repertoire of poses, temptations, daydreams, and alibis it so easily encourages that is Debray’s real target. Kill this “inner Venice,” he urges, or it will surely kill you.”