science fiction

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    Penguin Paperback, 1962. 201 pages. A clean copy with only some edgewear to cover

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    HARD TO BE A GOD (Trudno byt’ bogom). Daw Paperback, 1974 (1973 / 1964). 205 pages. Very good clean copy

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    “Re: Colonised Planet 5, Shikasta” tells the secret history of Earth from the perspective of the advanced Canopus civilisation that is thinking in eons rather than centuries. The history spans from the very beginning of life into a future World War Three. It includes the trial of all Europeans for the crimes of colonialism, “The Marriages Between Zones Three, Four and Five” depicts the influence of unknown higher powers on interactions between a series of civilizational “zones” of varying degrees of advancement that encircle the planet Earth. One zone is representative of an overtly feminine high civilisation initially coupled by royal marriage to a militant and male civilisation. The novel culminates with the latter, male, civilisation allying with a tribal female realm again following directives from Canopus, and “The Sirian Experiments ” focuses, like Shikasta, on the history of Earth, but from the perspective of visitors from Sirius rather than Canopus. The Sirians are depicted as a highly managed society, with fascist overtones, that attempts experiments on lesser civilisations while trying to mitigate the stagnation of their ruling class. The story is told from the perspective of Ambien II, one of a peer group of five who rule Sirius”

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    Rummet uden tid, 1-4 (1983-1989) KOMPLET SÆT bestående af Luderen fra Gomorra, Nord for tiden, Dinosaurernes morgen, Paradismaskinen. Udkommet på Forlaget Rhodos samt Gyldendal, 1983 til 1989. 4 bøger, alle i de originale heftede omslag. Omkring 1600 sider ialt Alle bøgerne i Inge Eriksen’s Science Fiction serie, alle i første…

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    Gyldendal, 2022. 92 pp. Hft.

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    Ace Paperback, 1964. 192 pages. Somewhat worn copy

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    Forlaget Notabene, 1973. 220 pp. Paperback. Velbevaret eksemplar Første danske udgave / First Danish edition

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    Penguin Classics Paperback, 2017. 129 pp. New copy