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    Forlaget Wunderbuch, 2020. Hardcover. 176 pp. Illustreret af Peter Brandes. Nærmest som ny Første udgave, 1. oplag

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    On the occasion of the double anniversary – the poet’s 80th birthday on November 23, 2000 and the commemoration of Celan’s tragic suicide at the end of April 1970 – the Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt is releasing the volume ‘Mohn und Gedächtnis’ for the first time in a new edition. The text takes Celan’s corrections into account

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    Forlaget Palomar 2019. 106 pp. Hft. Som ny

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    Exhibition catalog in form of a hardcover book issued on the occasion of the show titled ‘Schrift und Bild’ held at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam May 3 – June 10, 1963, and then at Staatlichen Kunsthalle in Baden-Baden June 15 – August 4, 1963. A historical and comprehensive survey of text and language as it relates to the image with over four-hundred plates of concrete and visual poetry, typographic experiments, scriptures, calligraphy, art, collages, and décollages, from the areas of design, typography, Dada, Futurism, Lettrisme, art, conceptual art, abstract expressionism, and others. With contributions by Jean Arp, Hugo Ball, Herbert Bayer, Raymond Hains, Haroldo de Campos, Christian Chruxin, Heinz Gappmayr, Eugen Gomringer, Ludwig Gosewitz, Raoul Hausmann, Asger Jorn, Jørgen Nash, Guy Debord, Ferdinand Kriwet, El Lissitzky, Kasimir Malevich, Stéphan Mallarmé, Laszlo Moholo-Nagy, Franz Mon, Gastone Novelli, Claes Oldenburg, Robert Rauschenberg, Diter Rot, Mommo Rotella, Wolfgang Schmidt, Kurt Schwitters, Wolf Vostell, H. N. Werkman, et al. A beautifully typeset catalog by Schmidt who also contributes, complete with a foreword by Mahlow, and an introductory essay by Mon.

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    “Popsange. En moderne kærlighedsaffære. Poesialbum”. Borgen, 1982. 55 sider. Heftet med orig. omslag. Pænt velbevaret eksemplar Første udgave, 1. oplag. Den sjældne førsteudgave. På foromslaget tilskrevet “Marcus Hitengel”. Omslaget designet som til en singleplade af vinyl

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    Verdensdele. Udvalgt og oversat af Poul Borum. Centrum, 1994. 160 pp. Hft.