• 300,00 kr.

    The photographer’s vision of a fireworks (hanabi) show: “The breezes of summer nights, the footsteps of children running alongside a riverbank, clouds portending warm showers and the sweet smell of apple candy are at powerfully nostalgic, at once both beautiful and melancholy”.

  • 120,00 kr.

    Takeshi Nakamoto and Daido Moriyama: How I Take Photographs. Laurence King, 2019. Small 8vo in softcover. 208 pages including covers. Minor handling wear

  • 120,00 kr.

    2007 reissue of Tono Monogatari (Tales of Tono). Kobunsha Bunko, Japan, 2007. Tiny paperback with jacket and obi (150 x 105 mm) around 200 pages, chiefly photographs. All text in Japanese. Fine copy A collection of stories and folklore published by Kunio Yanagita in 1910 in the Tono region of…

  • 600,00 kr.

    The year 1990 marks a great loss in the life of the famous Japanese photographer: the death of his wife with whom he had shared every project for twenty years. This volume affectionately and dramatically documents the sad course of the disease until her passing. Certainly a less usual aspect in the vast production of Araki, who reached great fame in 1971 with a volume entitled “Sentimental Journey”, dedicated to his honeymoon with his wife and companion. One of the books that the author himself counts among his most important out of more than 500 published since the beginning of his career

    A memorial volume to Yoko, it opens with some photos from the first Sentimental Journey, and includes photos of Yoko in the hospital and of her funeral. Wistful commentary by Araki. It closes joyously with a photo of Chiro [their cat] walking briskly in the snow

  • 1.200,00 kr.

    Shinoyama’s first photobook published in magazine style. With text by Yukio Mishima and Makato Wada and designed by Gan Hosoya. Ultra hip and very well done, as well as finely printed. An incredible first book by Shinoyama that would cement his reputation as master of the nude

  • 1.200,00 kr.

    Flemming Arnholm & Klaus Rifbjerg. Copenhagen: Forlaget Rhodos, 1969. Original paper boards. Unpaginated. Very good copy with only minor edgewear Largely unknown 60s hip artist book by Danish photographer Flemming Arnholm and poet Klaus Rifbjerg: ‘Fotografier og digte fra New York’ (‘Photographs and poems from New York’). Poems by Rifbjerg…

  • 300,00 kr.

    Published by JICC Shuppankyoku 1990 (1986). Large 4to in original hardcover, w jacket 116 pp. Illustrated throughout with b/w photographs by Mapplethorpe. Introductory text by Joan Didion (in Japanese). Light edgewear, overall very good Black-and-white nude photographs and portraits of models and stars: Isabella Rossellini, Susan Sarandon, Grace Jones, Brooke…

  • 700,00 kr.

    Jonathan Cape, London, 1995. Large extra big and heavy folio (11.75 x 12.5 inches) in hardcover with the original slipcase. 139 pp., richly illustrated with photos throughout, mostly full page, including some folding. Essays by Edmund White. Title page in red and black. Bound in original black cloth with titles,…

  • 175,00 kr.

    British classic. Great photobook containing Ward’s images of the British at leisure in the mid-1970s. Includes 90 photographs, captions by Cameron. Companion publication to Homer Sykes’ ‘Once A Year: Some Traditional British Customs’

  • 445,00 kr.

    What do you see when you look at water? Artist book from Horn’s long-term project documenting the River Thames. Right now you might discover a lot of shit: Privatisation of water has been a disaster, spewing money for shareholders and sewage into rivers

  • 500,00 kr.

    “IOWA” – In the early 1970’s, Nancy Rexroth began photographing the rural landscapes, children, white frame houses, and domestic interiors of southeastern Ohio with a plastic toy camera called the Diana: The “Diana” was a very simply constructed box camera with a mechanical film advance, spring-loaded shutter, and a primitive plastic viewfinder. It is constructed primarily of low-quality phenolic plastics of the type commonly found in toys imported from Asia during the 1960s. Because of wide variances in production quality, combined with a poorly designed camera body latching mechanism, Diana cameras are predisposed to light leaks onto the exposed film. If not desired, such leaks can be temporarily remedied by sealing the seams with light-proof tape after loading the film. The design of the Diana incorporates a crude lens that produces an image circle which only marginally covers the diagonal of a film frame. This marginal coverage field produces images with often pronounced vignetting. The poor quality of the plastic meniscus lens results in generally low contrast and resolution, odd color rendition, chromatic aberration, and blurred images. Additionally the crude advance and shutter mechanism can result in images that are not properly centered or exposed. Although these attributes are generally thought undesirable in a camera, various photographers and art photography schools have intentionally utilized these characteristics to produce photographs with interesting or artistic effects. The San Francisco Art Institute seems to have been the first school to employ the Diana in its photography program in 1967-68 as a way of stimulating creative vision without undue reliance upon camera features and technology. Later other schools picked up the idea, including Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. The use of the Diana in this role achieved a new level of fame when the camera was utilized by American photographer and former Ohio University photography student Nancy Rexroth in this much influential 1976 photobook.

  • 600,00 kr.

    ISOLATED HOUSES, 2nd edition Tuscon: Nazraeli Press, 2001. Large squarish oversized quarto in publishers hardcover w jacket. 46 pages. Illustrated throughout. Fine in near fine dustjacket