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    Ved Aage Bohr med flere. udgivet af Atomoplysningsudvalget, 1965. Lille 8vo i original heftet omslag. 36 pp. Illustreret. Velbevaret eksemplar Originaludgave.

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    Ed Ruscha: Birds Fish and Offspring. With essay by Paul Ruscha. Published by C&M Arts in cooperation with Gagosian Gallery, New York, 2002. 4to in blue wraps as issued. 42 unnumbered pages, richly illustrated. Fine copy 1st ed

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    Felicity Scott “traces the relations of architecture and urbanism to forms of human unsettlement and territorial insecurity during the 1960s and ’70s. Investigating a set of responses to the growing urban unrest in the developed and developing worlds, Outlaw Territories revisits an era when the discipline of architecture staked out a role in global environmental governance and the biopolitical management of populations. Felicity D. Scott demonstrates how architecture engaged the displacement of persons brought on by migration, urbanization, environmental catastrophe, and warfare, and at the same time how it responded to the material, environmental, psychological, and geopolitical transformations brought on by postindustrial technologies and neoliberal capitalism after World War II. At the height of the US–led war in Vietnam and Cambodia, and ongoing decolonization struggles in many parts of the world, architecture not only emerged as a target of political agitation on account of its inherent normativity but also became heavily imbricated within military, legal, and humanitarian apparatuses, and scientific and technological research dedicated to questions of international management and security. Once architecture became aligned with a global matrix of forces concerned with the environment, economic development, migration, genocide, and war, its conventional role did not remain unchallenged but shifted at times toward providing strategic expertise for institutions responding to transformations born of neoliberal capitalism. Outlaw Territories interrogates this nexus, and questions how and to what ends architecture and the environment came to be intimately connected to the expanded exercise of power within shifting geopolitical frameworks of this time.”

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    Meadows, Donella H. . – Dennis L. Meadows. . Jørgen Randers & William W. Behrens: . Grænser for vækst: En rapport til Romklubbens projekt vedrørende menneskehedens truede situation (The Limits to growth). Gyldendals Bogklub, 1973 (1972). 199 pp. Hft. Pænt eksemplar

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    Oversat til dansk af Niels Brunse. Gyldendal, 2007. Hardcover. 314 sider. Pænt eksemplar

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    Pragteksemplar af dette hovedværk i moderne dansk bogtrykkerkunst og boglayout

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    The Institute for Danish Sound Archaeology  IDL, 2019. 7 inch single vinyl record Le Petit Duc [The Little Scops Owl] is a sound work by Danish artist Knud Viktor, made between 1978 and 1983. Viktor was classically trained as a painter at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in…

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    “Nature has always been a source of inspiration for the design of the human environment, but in recent years this relationship has grown even more intense. “Nature as model” has influenced the most diverse possible concepts and developmental processes and is revealed in a large spectrum of forms and functions. Nature Design brings together projects and objects from design, architecture, landscape architecture, photography, and art that have been inspired by nature to develop complex and innovative works. The protagonists include Werner Aisslinger, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Peter Eisenman, Zaha Hadid, Herzog and de Meuron, Ross Lovegrove, Olaf Nicolai, Francois Roche, Lars Spuybroek, and Günther Vogt, among others. The book covers the historical and theoretical fundamentals of the themes sea, topography, plants, human beings, animals, scent, and climate. Nature Design is intended to reveal the diversity of possibilities for copying and reinventing nature and to open up new perspectives”

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    Dansk udgave af Always Coming Home. Oversat af Karsten Sand Iversen. Forlaget Klim / Samlerens Bogklub, 1990. 538 pp. Hft. Lidt brugsspor

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    “DE UDSTØDTE – En socialistisk utopi”. Forlaget Modtryk / Socialistisk Bogklub, 1979. 309 pp. Hft. Lidt brugsspor på omslag, i øvrigt et godt eksemplar Dansk udgave af The Dispossessed

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    Forlaget Notabene, 1974. 221 pp. Hft. Oversat til dansk af Elsa & David Gress Rare first Danish edition of ‘The Left Hand of Darkness’

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    A Tor Book, 2022 (1972). 189 pages. Paperback. New copy