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    Shinkichi & Ferdi Tajiri (Ferdina Jansen): Shinkichi Tajiri: A BRIEF ACCOUNT OF EVENTS SINCE 1923 & FERDI 1927-1969 HORTISCULPTURE (complete set). Eindhoven, Van Abbe Museum, 1970. 2 x 8vo booklet / leporello (accordion book) 15×20,5cm in original plastic pocket. Fine copies First edition Ferdi – Ferdina Jansen – was born…

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    Shinkichi Tajiri was born as Shinkichi George Tajiri on 7 December 1923 in Los Angeles, died in Holland 2009. He was a versatile artist. Although he expressed himself in many disciplines, he made his contribution to Cobra as an experimental sculptor. In addition, he was a painter and also made photographs, films and computer drawings. With Tajiri, versatile also means internationally oriented: American because of his birthplace, Japanese because he was born to Japanese parents from an old aristocratic Samurai family, French because his artistic career started in Paris, and Dutch because he moved to the Netherlands in 1956.