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    Edited by Barbara Haskell: AGNES MARTIN. With essays by Barbara Haskell, Anna Chave and Rosalind Krauss. New York: Whitney Museum / Harry Abrams, 1994 (1992). Tall slim 4to in softcover. 188 pages, illustrated in color. Text in English. Fine clean copy Second printing

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    7 (Seven) Days Running / 7 Dages Forløb. Denmark: Edition After Hand No. 16, 1977. Text in sheet + 7 plates loose as issued in printed folder with flap (21.6 x 30cm). 350 copies printed. Text in both Danish and English. Contains a statement by Knowles and 7 captioned offset…

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    “The major monograph, a comprehensive reconsideration of the brief life and career of Ana Mendieta (1948-85), contextualizes the artist’s work within its time and acknowledges her legacy on subsequent generations of artists. The Cuban-born American sculptor is celebrated for her earth-body works of the 1970s, sculptural interventions in the landscape that placed her body – or its haunting silhouette – in symbiotic relationship with nature. Showing extracts from her films, original slide documentation, photography, and other archival material, the catalog illustrates early performances from Mendieta’s student days, as well as her more well-known Silueta Series made in Iowa and Mexico from 1973 to 1980. Earth-body works excecuted in Canada, Cuba, and the United States in the early 1980s and select sculptures, drawings, and installations dating to the mid-eighties. Organized by Olga M. Viso, – The definitive study of the artist’s work”

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    Forlaget L&R, 1978. 236 pp. Hft. Første danske udgave af ‘DELTA OF VENUS. EROTICA BY ANAÏS NIN’ (1969). Godt eksemplar, indvendig ren

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    OVO Press, 2022. Hardcover. 307 pp. Lidt ydre brugsspor.

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    “Billedet som kampmiddel. Kvindebilleder mellem 1968 og 1977”. Med bidrag af blandt andet Lene Adler Petersen, Jytte Rex, Inge Eriksen, Ursula Reuter Christiansen, Kirsten Justesen m.m.fl. Udkommet på Informations Forlag, 1977. Stort format. 200 sider. Hft. Rigt illustreret. Lidt slidt, men solid. Grafisk smukt tilrettelagt af bl.a. Jytte Rex.

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    “Timeless and yet a body of work very much of its own post-modern time” (Danto): In a series of photographs evoking B-movies, French New Wave cinema and the films of Hitchcock, Cindy Sherman portrays herself in a variety of guises as stereotypical female characters

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    Adler Petersen, Lene. – Christiansen, Ursula Reuter. – Rex, Jytte. – Justesen, Kirsten. – Pedersen, Jane. – Mertz, Susanne. – Hanne Lise Thomsen og mange flere. – Pontoppidan, Birgit: . Det skete på kvindeudstillingen Charlottenborg 1975. B P Forlag, 2017. Stort format. 254 pp. Hft. Rigt illustreret. Nyt eksemplar  

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    Penguin Classic Paperback, 2020 (2001). 423 pp. Fine copy. First edition

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    “Re: Colonised Planet 5, Shikasta” tells the secret history of Earth from the perspective of the advanced Canopus civilisation that is thinking in eons rather than centuries. The history spans from the very beginning of life into a future World War Three. It includes the trial of all Europeans for the crimes of colonialism, “The Marriages Between Zones Three, Four and Five” depicts the influence of unknown higher powers on interactions between a series of civilizational “zones” of varying degrees of advancement that encircle the planet Earth. One zone is representative of an overtly feminine high civilisation initially coupled by royal marriage to a militant and male civilisation. The novel culminates with the latter, male, civilisation allying with a tribal female realm again following directives from Canopus, and “The Sirian Experiments ” focuses, like Shikasta, on the history of Earth, but from the perspective of visitors from Sirius rather than Canopus. The Sirians are depicted as a highly managed society, with fascist overtones, that attempts experiments on lesser civilisations while trying to mitigate the stagnation of their ruling class. The story is told from the perspective of Ambien II, one of a peer group of five who rule Sirius”

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    Den kvindelige eunuk (The Female Eunuch). Bibliotek Rhodos, 1971. 380 pp. Hft. 5. danske oplag. – Helt særligt for dette eksemplar : med et sølvfarvet smudsomslag!

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    University Art Museum, Berkeley, 1983. Squarish large 8vo in wraps as issued. 143 pages. Light edgewear to cover else clean and fine. First edition