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    Shinkichi & Ferdi Tajiri (Ferdina Jansen): Shinkichi Tajiri: A BRIEF ACCOUNT OF EVENTS SINCE 1923 & FERDI 1927-1969 HORTISCULPTURE (complete set). Eindhoven, Van Abbe Museum, 1970. 2 x 8vo booklet / leporello (accordion book) 15×20,5cm in original plastic pocket. Fine copies First edition Ferdi – Ferdina Jansen – was born…

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    Shinkichi Tajiri was born as Shinkichi George Tajiri on 7 December 1923 in Los Angeles, died in Holland 2009. He was a versatile artist. Although he expressed himself in many disciplines, he made his contribution to Cobra as an experimental sculptor. In addition, he was a painter and also made photographs, films and computer drawings. With Tajiri, versatile also means internationally oriented: American because of his birthplace, Japanese because he was born to Japanese parents from an old aristocratic Samurai family, French because his artistic career started in Paris, and Dutch because he moved to the Netherlands in 1956.

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    Hoffmann, Jens / Berg, Stacen (eds.): Paul McCarthy’s Lowlife Slowlife: Tidebox Tidebook. Ostfildern, Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2010. Large octavo, cardboard cover, in cardboard box, with b/w and colour photographs. 646 pages. Box with some wear and a closed tear (see photos) else book is in pristine condition and overall a…

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    In 2006, in order to realize the photographic work Grotto, Thomas Demand used a postcard as his starting point in recreating a grotto located on the island Maiorca. Employing 30 tons of grey cardboard, shaped with the help of a computer and laid out to form a stratification with 900,000 sections, the artist recreated the rock chamber, stalactites and stalagmites displayed on the postcard in order to photograph the work.

    For the opening of Fondazione Prada’s new venue, this grotto motif returns as Processo grottesco (Grotesque Process), for which Demand sets documentary materials including postcards, books, tour guides, catalogue illustrations, various advertisements and the massive reconstruction of the Spanish grotto alongside the photograph Grotto. In this manner, the artist allows visitors to explore the creative process that led to the realization of the photograph, opening a window onto the way the artwork has been transformed over the course of time through continuous investigation. The grotto theme is a recurring subject in the history of art and architecture, and implies a provocative, bizarre approach, typical of painting techniques of the 1500s known as ‘grottesca’ (grotesque).

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    San Francisco: Fraenkel Gallery, 2004. Oblong octavo hardcover in slipcase. An accordion-styled fold-out with the books in the collection of Arbus with a booklet in pocket at end. Fine copy with only most minimal shelfwear First edition. A fascinating look at the books and items from Diane Arbus’s personal library

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    Lara Favaretto (b. 1973 Treviso, Italy) is renowned for her sculptural practice and large-scale installations that, as she describes it, ‘investigate the space between destruction and reconstruction, collapse and recovery.’ Over the past two decades, Favaretto has staged interventions that she calls ‘momentary monuments’, drawing attention to the futility and impermanence of monuments. These include a wall of 4,000 sacks of sand around the monument to Dante Alighieri in Trento, Italy; 400 tons of scrap metal that appears as archaeological find unearthed in a postapocalyptic era; or an obelisk-like stone sculpture with a small slit through which people could deposit donations to a charity that assists people facing deportation

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    “The artistic method of Danish artist Kirstine Roepstorff is based primarily on the principle of collage. Her works—which range from small, intimate works on paper to large-scale, theatrical installations—draw on a wide spectrum of source material and systems of reference. Roepstorff uses media such asArtists books, ART felt, fabric, sequins, and glass beads, and her motifs stem from historical and contemporary image material from the areas of politics and advertising. She describes her technique as a process of “appropriarranging”: “I use the method of collage to appropriate and rearrange the world.” Besides a series of collages, the publication contains a kind of personal Wunderkammer created by the artist to showcase an eclectic variety of artifacts, objets d’art, and curiosities selected from various collections”

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    John Bock: Klütterkammer 2004. Cologne: Walther Koenig, 2008. 4°. (29,8 x 21,1 cm) in original hardcover with wooden boards and red clothed spine. 96 pages with text (barely any) in English. Fine copy First edition. – The book “Klütterkammer” documents the exhibition of the same name, which was shown in…

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    FOS: GESTALT. London & Copenhagen: 2017. Tall slim 4to in original boards. 254 pages. Illustrated richly. Near fine / fine copy with only minor wear to covers 1. edition – signed in hand by the artist “Gestalt is an overview of the diverse artistic practice of Fos, who’s works explore…

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    FOS: GESTALT. London & Copenhagen: 2017. Tall slim 4to in original boards. 254 pages. Illustrated richly. Near fine / fine copy with only minor wear to covers 1. edition “Gestalt is an overview of the diverse artistic practice of Fos, who’s works explore how the language of objects and space…

  • London & Copenhagen: In Other Words / Published by InOtherWords, 2015. 4to. Spiral wraps in slipcase. 112 pages. Minor edgewear to slipcase and corners of book 1. edition – one of only 750 copies Artist book. “One Language Traveller, accumulates objects created by Danish artist FOS, as if the book…

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    FOS. – (Poulsen, Thomas): . FOS: Liquid Chain Into the Vapor Wall: The Fall. A&R Press, 2007. 8vo in wraps as issued. 207 pgs, 234 color, 13 duotone, 60 b&w. Illustrated. Text in English. Edited by Pernille Albrethsen. Text by Cecilie Ostergaard Hogsboro, Claus Heinberg, Claus Emmeche, Jason Dodge. Near…