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    400,00 kr.

    Press photo of Allen Ginsberg by Robert M. Klein (NYT, New York Times). Measures 26 x 19,5 cm. Some wear to edges

  • 950,00 kr.

    ORIGINAL JAPANESE WOODBLOCK PRINT BOOK FROM MEIJI PERIOD. Japan, presumably Meiji Period (1868-1912) but maybe earlier, t.i. Edo. Original binding,15,5×22,5cm app. Colors are black and white, orange and yellow. Very well preserved and complete Rare original Meiji period woodblock printed ukiyo-e on original handmade paper. With flower motifs throughout and…

  • 1.200,00 kr.

    “appropriation of similes, once strictly the providence of kitsch, has nothing to do with blurring the distinctions between high and low. Instead, rainbows and butterflies have come to symbolize a magical new world where order is without hierarchies, edification is without snobbishness, prosperity is without greed, and most importantly, where imagination and consumption are exceedingly valued. This is the world of Rob Pruitt. Pruitt acts as a conduit, shuffling images from mass culture to high art production. He also subscribes to the empowering and inventive ‘do-it-yourself’ attitude of visual design and art making”

  • 300,00 kr.

    Et gavekort på tre hundrede kroner til Kirkegaards Antikvariat

  • 300,00 kr.

    FOTO: Rdo. Limited edition exhibition poster Rdo designed by Michael Jensen of KGRAFIK Copenhagen. Bolette photographed by Richard Winther. Winther (1926-2007), important Danish painter, sculptor, writer, photographer and more, largely unknown outside Denmark . Selfmade camera styles superficially with some resemblance to Miroslav Tichy. Richard Winter however was a very…

  • 750,00 kr.

    Collection of 20 original John R. Johnsen photographs from the Royal Danish Ballet. Dancers include Peter Schaufuss, Mette Hønningsen, Ib Andersen, Sorella Englund, Erling Eliason, Tina Holman, Annemari Vingård, Lise Stripp, Eva Kloborg, Claus Schrøder, Linda Hindberg, Arne Villumsen, Annemariue Dybdal, Henning Kronstam, Torben Jeppesen, Mette Ida Kirk, Mogens Boesen…

  • 500,00 kr.

    Collection of 10 original Rigmor Mydtskov photographs from the Royal Danish Ballet. Dancers include Silja Schandorff, Carla Fracci, Heidi Ryom, Arne Villumsen, Peter Bo Bendixen, Erling Eliasson, Annemarie Dybdal, Lis Jeppesen, Linda Hindberg Royal Danish Ballet School / Det Kongelige Teaters Balletskole, 1980’s. 10 vintage photographic prints, various sizes, from…

  • 1.000,00 kr.

    Collection of 18 original vintage prints by Martha Swope from The New York City Ballet featuring beautiful photographs of Jacques d’Amboise, Suzanne Farrell, Peter Martins, Kay Mazzo, Victor Castelli, Heather Watts, Bart Cook, Karin von Aroldingen, Kyra Nichols, Ivan Nagy, Martine Van Hamel, Colleen Neary New York City Ballet, from…

  • 1.200,00 kr.

    Flemming Arnholm & Klaus Rifbjerg. Copenhagen: Forlaget Rhodos, 1969. Original paper boards. Unpaginated. Very good copy with only minor edgewear Largely unknown 60s hip artist book by Danish photographer Flemming Arnholm and poet Klaus Rifbjerg: ‘Fotografier og digte fra New York’ (‘Photographs and poems from New York’). Poems by Rifbjerg…

  • 950,00 kr.

    VOSTELL, WOLF (designer). – Gert von der Osten [introduction]:. LUDWIG COLLECTION. Kunst der sechziger Jahre. 4. verbesserte Auflage. [Art of the Sixties. 4th revised edition.] Cologne: Wallraf-Richartz Museum, 1970. Large and very heavy 4to 9.5 x 11.75 inches with pages bound embossed flexible plastic flexible covers and a hardcover acrylic…

  • 700,00 kr.

    DANISH AVANT GARDE ART MAGAZINE. – Hans-Jørgen Nielsen. – Per Kirkeby. – Thygesen, Erik et al. (ed.): . ta’ – 1 & 2. aargang nr. 1 to 8 (all issues complete) Copenhagen: Bergs Forlag, 1967 to 1968. 8 original printed illustrated wraps. Only the extra issue issue 6 and half…

  • 12.000,00 kr.

    The magazine as a museum or a folded exhibition on paper: Pist Protta made and designed by artists, and always edited by the same core of three artists sometimes with guests: Åse Eg Jørgensen, Jesper Fabricius and Jesper Rasmussen. Pist Protta has been published since 1981, and is being the oldest still ongoing visual art periodical in Scandinavia. Every publication is different from the others as regards the design and form, because with every issue there is often experiments with size, layout. paper quality, printing method, graphic effects, punch outs, fouldouts etc. in an attempt to create every number of the periodical with an original expression – or even as a work of art on its own. The content varies from very mixed issues with a lot of different material taken from visual art, litterature, cinema, music (and very often with inserts of original prints) to more thematic issues with a more homogeneous composition. Among the theme numbers there have been such publications about experimental cinema, experimental musical scores, concrete poetry, anamorphoses, hands, the white colour, Berlin, London, New York, interior installations, typography, text and landscape painting

    Questionable if anything more interesting regarding to Artists Books, Avant Garde Art, Magazine Art etc ever was published in the Northern Hemisphere?!