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    FICTIONS OF HYBRIDITY: Translating Style in James Joyce’s “Ulysses”. University Press of Southern Denmark, 2007. Hardcover. 282 pages. Fine clean copy’ “Fictions of Hybridity is the first full-length study of the famous and infamous Danish translator Mogens Boisen’s translations of James Joyce’s Ulysses. Boisen published as many as three translations,…

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    Alice B. Toklas’ kogebog. Det schønbergske Forlag, 1967. 301 pp. Hft. Lidt slidt i kanter Første danske udgave

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    Fremads Fokusbøger, 1967. 180 pp. Paperback. Navn. Baudelaire’s klassiske skrifter om Hash og Opium.

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    “Billedet som kampmiddel. Kvindebilleder mellem 1968 og 1977”. Med bidrag af blandt andet Lene Adler Petersen, Jytte Rex, Inge Eriksen, Ursula Reuter Christiansen, Kirsten Justesen m.m.fl. Udkommet på Informations Forlag, 1977. Stort format. 200 sider. Hft. Rigt illustreret. Lidt brugsspor Grafisk smukt tilrettelagt af bl.a. Jytte Rex.

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    Vi handler normalt ikke med kogebøger, men denne her af Fusager er der simpelthen så mange der efterspørger at jeg gør en undtagelse!

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    China: Peking Foreign Language Press, 1968. Tiny pocket version i red vinyl binding as issued – 3-5/8 inches high by 2-5/8 inches wide (94 x 70mm). Gilt lettering. [10] 312, (2). Including Mao portrait frontis and Lin Biao (Piao) foreword with facsimile. Title page with red lettering in green frame.…

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    China: Peking Foreign Language Press, 1966. 12mo in red vinyl binding as issued (13 x 9cm), pp.[10] 312, (2). Including Mao portrait frontis and Lin Biao (Piao) foreword with facsimile. Title page with red lettering in green frame. Clean well preserved copy First English language edition, printed 1966 (stated) –…

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    Originally published as a magazine by The Portola Institute starting in 1970 and intended for teachers and parents and subtitled ‘Resources for Our Education’, Big Rock Candy Mountain billed itself as “A Learning to Learn Catalog”, directly inspired by the Whole Earth Catalog. It shared the same publisher and borrowed its format, but featured more in-depth articles .Like the Whole Earth Catalog, its content is divided into sections, among them ‘Process Learning’, ‘Educational Environments’, and ‘Self Discovery’, each one listing books, educational tools and other products, along with details of their availability (some of them, unlike the Whole Earth Catalog, were sold directly by BRCM mail order. The nonprofit Portola Institute was founded in Menlo Park in 1966 by Dick Raymond, Bob Albrecht and others as an educational forum and helped develop a number of influential Bay Area organisations and publications, including Albrecht’s People’s Computer Company, the Whole Earth Catalog and Big Rock Candy Mountain

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    When Lloyd Khan and Co. published The Whole Earth Catalog the “Last” edition, Pequot Press in Connecticut and Vermont (New England) wanted the tradition to continue, and carved out the smaller region of New England to document. Sections: Earth, Education, Leisure, Habitat, Craft; each with its own contents page; complete contents listed at back. Reviews of products, books, museum, tools. Historic notes, anecdotes, quotations, verse, lore

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    A sequel to ‘Domebook One’, highlighting the structures that Lloyd Kahn built with students at Pacific High School, an alternative/experimental school in the Santa Cruz foothills, and providing comprehensive instructions for building shelter out of a wide range of different types of dome. Like its predecessor, it became a staple of the Whole Earth Catalog’s ‘Shelter and Land Use’ section. Also includes an extensive interview with Buckminster Fuller, conducted in Los Angeles in December 1970 by Hans Meyer, and two pages on Drop City, one of the first communities to construct domes to house its members

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    Af sted – (Afsted – texter skrevet i 1978-80 – billeder samlet i samme tidsrum). Flox, 1982. 80 pp. Hæftet. Rigt illustreret med fotografier og fotocollager. Feministisk “kunstnerbog” Første oplag

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    Room to Dream. First UK edition. Edinburgh: Canongate Books, 2018. Hardcover, with jacket. XIII, 576 pages, with illustrations. Fine clean copy “In this unique hybrid of biography and memoir, David Lynch opens up for the first time about a life lived in pursuit of his singular vision, and the many…